For those who would like to stay with us a little bit longer, we have prepared a stunning apartments:

The Admiral Apartment, and The Chocolate Apartment.

The Admiral Apartment consists of two luxury rooms (which can also be used separately). The bedroom and living room are connected by viewing terrace. The spacious bathroom decorated in amber shades is in each of rooms. The bedroom is equipped with double bed, specially adjusted furniture i.e. a comfortable work desk, a wardrobe, shelves, LCD TV and telephone. In the living room there are: a comfortable, convertible sofa, a coffee table and a table. This room is joined with functional kitchenette.

Blue interior decoration helps to rest and relax.

The Chocolate Apartment consists of two modern bedrooms decorated in wenge shades, with a luxury bathroom and well-equipped kitchen connected with living room and a wall of windows that overlook the lake. A real flame fireplace is the last element to fulfill unforgettable impression of a stay in Shuma Hotel.

Looking through apartments windows you would be admired by incredible panorama of colorful sunbeams reflected in the surface of the water.

The apartments ensure a tranquil atmosphere to relax for a family with children as well as for a person during a business trip.